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Before/After School Programmes

Oatlands Before/ After School service is open before school starts, when classes finish and continues up to 18.15. The service ethos is built on having fun in an atmosphere that is different to that in the class room.  Rest, Relaxation and Recreation are the main focus of quality at our Before and After School service. Our aim is to extend the children’s daily learning by involving them in a range of creative and active activities that will stimulate and challenge them holistically. The children can unwind in a relaxing, safe, home from home environment while still being part of the school community. We are open every day during school term time.



Fees are paid at the beginning of each month from September to June inclusive. The fees are calculated over the 10 months of the school year. A deposit is required to secure the place when the child is being booked into the service. Fees must be paid through the bank and must be paid on time each month. Holiday Camps and Unscheduled Closures are paid as an extra and it is optional for children to attend. Fees must be paid even if the child does not attend the service.

Parents of children attending the service can apply for funding toward their fees through the National Childcare Scheme  -

Before School

# 7.50 to 8.50

Our Before School service offers care between the hours of 7.50am and 8.50am, until the school day starts, Monday to Friday during school term time.

The children can play with their friends or partake in an activity read or just relax before their busy day ahead. They will be taken to their class line in the yard when the school bell rings at 8.45am.

After School 

# 13.30 to 14.30

Parents of junior and senior infant classes can avail of this service which accommodates parents with children in older classes with one pick up time.

Our staff pick up the children from their teachers and bring them to the After School rooms. While there, the children get to choose from a variety of activities either indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.

Parents can collect the children, up to 14.30, before collecting their older children

# 13.30/ 14.30 to 18.15

Our After School service for children from Junior Infants to 6th class takes place when classes finish and continues up to 18.15. 

Your child can unwind in a relaxed, fun and safe, home from home environment which is part of the school community. The service plays an important role in the social and emotional development of children and is not intended to be an extension of the school day. Our programmes are child led and we offer a wide range of creative and physical activities that children can access throughout the afternoon. Our team of specialised and qualified staff, who are Garda vetted provide a best practice activity programme ensuring that each child’s age and abilities and interests are taken into consideration.

We offer written homework supervision which is a big plus for parents and children as it allows for a more relaxed end to the day for all. The children complete their written homework with us and we ask parents to check this each evening and to complete their learning/reading at home.

We provide healthy nutritious snacks devised to follow the Department of Health’s Food and Nutritional Guidelines.


EXPRESSION OF Interest -  Before and after school

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